Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

Magick Every Day!

Silver practices magick every day -- whether it is brewing up a fluid condenser (as shown in the picture on the left), spellcasting in the woods, pouring candles, studying, blending oils or designing quilted projects to carry magickal energy -- to Silver, every thing you do is magick, and everything you create and be infused with joyful, positive energy.

"As I grow older," she says, "I acknowledge the joy in even the smallest tasks.  You can turn any activity into an amazing, magickal experience.  I work a great deal with planetary hours and the moon in the signs, crafting my projects and activities with astrological synchronicity.  I always check the planetary hour and the moon in the signs before planning any activity so that I know what to expect -- what windows of opportunity are open for the work."

I never know when a design idea, or a chant or charm will bubble up to the surface.  I carry a notebook with me where ever I go," says Silver.  "My friends laugh because I say WAIT!!! I gotta write that down!  Later, I will incorporate those lightbulb moments into my work."  Every thing you do can be enchanted from start to finish.  For example, I make fabric pieced animals for a variety of purposes -- and every one is magickal in nature.  From the fabric I choose to the herbs stuffed inside, to the chant, charm or sigil I create to go in the animal, to the timing of begining and finishing the project -- all has significance.  

 "Over the years," says Silver, "I've learned to be patient (which was very difficult for me) and use the energies around me to support my work -- this means I don't have a hard and fast schedule -- I observe the Universe and take my lead from there.  I try to walk with the flow -- rather than against it.  Once I let go of that impatient pressure -- I was amazed at the beauty in every moment."