Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf Books On-line --Braucherei Witchery

and Granny Magick

 You've read about it.  You're curious.  Can anyone really do this?  Is Whisper Magick real?  Can anyone learn Pow-Wow?  Do you have to be Christian?  No!  Do you have to be Pagan?  No!  Braucherei works within your chosen spirituality network and belief system!  Silver RavenWolf provides learning modules as four books for sale in her Etsy Shop -- instant downloads!  You'll find the same writing style, same humor, and same shoot from the hip prose as her famous paper print Silver RavenWolf books.


Easy to Learn!

Simple to do!


 Let Silver teach you the art and science of Granny Magick and Braucherei Witchery. Easy-to-follow guide with color illustrations. Complete instructions and student support.

Lessons provide an introduction into the mystical world of Braucherei Witchery and Granny Magick including practices, rituals, spells, meditations,  energy work and the mysterious Whisper Magick techniques. Topics covered  include healing, spirituality, prosperity, protection, justice, herbal information, some astrology, enchanted art (such as hex signs and fraktur) and methods for harmonious daily living. You will find elements of various religions, and the material works with "Spirit" in general, angels, and elemental powers.

Lessons are sold one at a time.  Over twenty years in the making you will not find a course like this one any where else in the world.  A truly unique experience!

Lessons include access to the private, interactive Granny Magick Blog and answers to student questions through the specified e-mail address. Purchase of these lessons does not entitle you to Black Forest or RavenWolf lineage, and there are no ceremonies, initiations, nor degree status bestowed upon the student.


Students are free to discontinue their training at any time. Lessons are copyrighted and cannot be distributed by anyone in paper or electronic form without written express permission from Silver RavenWolf.